About Us

As the owners of Just Add Flowers, we want to welcome you to our pages and tell you a little about our shop.  Here at JAF we love pretty things and making life easy, so we’d like to invite everyone to enjoy our shop, that’s why our  door is always open for you to come in and have a browse. 

Another way to help make it all easy, unlike most florist shops of great looking flowers, but with no prices to be seen?!!  (so all a bit scary). In our shop, we display the flowers prices for all to see.  You can buy a single flower, little bottles or wraps with a couple of flowers, right up to a huge bouquet that’s so heavy you’ll struggle to carry it!!  But of course, we’d help you with carrying it, or even deliver it for you!!  

To try and make life easier, we hope that on this website you’ll find choosing flowers easy.  On the flower page we explain the different styles of flowers and once that’s chosen, you simply pop the one you think they’ll like most into your basket for us to deliver, or telephone the shop and we’ll be happy to take your order.  

Our shop also has lots of present ideas, we have small trinkets from a few pounds upwards.  We choose items that we hope are a bit different  and there’s lots to choose from.  So flowers or gift for that special occasion, is easy at JAF, as we have both!!

However, we’re not just about being pretty & easy, we cherish our flowers and look after them with great care.  We care how they look and about the future of our planet, so we are trying to find ways of delivering your flowers with less packaging. We use biodegradable cellophane and oasis when we need too, however, we are happy to deliver cellophane free bouquets in craft paper tied with raffia, vases simply filled with flowers or flowers without any packaging simply a bouquet tied with raffia - this looks really good with sunflowers!! 

So now you know a little about us, do come in and say hello, as we said, “the door is always open,” literally!!