Florist Secrets

Beware of the fruit bowl!

Keep the flowers away from the fruit bowl. Tiny bits of ethylene gas is released by fruit which in turn ages your flowers at a faster rate.



Lots of customers like their flowers wrapped in cellophane, in winter this helps to keep the paper around a bouquet dry. Cellophane is made from cellulose (wood pulp & cotton).  However, in the 1960's polypropylene was added to the film to make it cheaper & it became know as BOPP.

Although both look the same Cellophane is 100% degradable where as BOPP is recyclable, so the choice comes down to do you pay a bit more & help the planet?  We do in our shop, but we don't pass that on you, as it's our choice!


What won't the deer eat?  A question we're asked all the time!

It seems they'll give anything and everything a try, however they do stay away from poisonous plants, strong scented flowers and prickly plants.  Supposedly some of the flowers they don't eat include daffodil, iris, snapdragon, wax, astilbe, larkspur, peony, statice and asters!!  


We’d all love our flowers to stay just as fresh, as when they arrive, for as long as possible, so here’s some things you can do to help.

If the flowers don’t arrive in water, dry ends mean they can’t drink the water, so cut the end of the stems at a sharp angle, say 45 degrees & remove any leaves which will go into the water.  Fill a clean vase with water, add the flower food & arrange. 

Do this every 2-3 day, trimming the end of the stems & changing the water for fresh.  

If you have an aqua pack or vase start at day 3 of the above.